The 3 best restaurants in Cocoa Beach, FL – #2 is our favorite

Our family has lived in Orlando for close to 100 years. We’ve seen restaurants come and go, and we always try to suggest the best ones to our guests. Here’s a short list of the top 3 in our city.



This is a great place to have breakfast. It has an extensive menu, great food, and it’s cheap! It’s also open 24/7, serving the entire menu at any time you want. Yes, you can arrive at 23:00 and ask the Breakfast menu. So if you leave the theme parks late, and you can’t find anywhere to eat, Denny’s will be waiting for you.

Average prices (in US dollars):

  • Coffee: $ 3.00
  • Dishes: $ 10.00
  • Desserts: $ 3.00
  • Refill soda: $ 2.50

Best of Denny’s: The Lumberjack Slam or Country Fried Steak and Eggs for breakfast.



If love meat, you have to go to Longhorn Steakhouse. They serve the best steaks in Cocoa Beach, no questions about that. The staff is very friendly, and the menu is pretty extensive, especially when it comes to all the different meats that they offer.

Average prices (in US dollars):

  • Tickets: $ 8.00
  • Meat: from $ 13.00 to $ 28.00
  • Desserts: $ 7.00
  • Refill soda: $ 2.60

Best of Longhorn Steakhouse: Cutting Outlaw Ribeye meat.


olive garden

Olive Garden’s expertise is definitely their pasta. However, that’s not all you can eat there, their meat and chicken is also delicious. Do not forget to try their sausage soup, it’s probably their best dish, it might be very different from what you used to, but it’s worth it. The Zuppa Toscana is made out of spicy sausage and a “special and secret ingredient” that they’ve never revealed. David, our general manager, knows Oliver’s owner, and he’s tried multiple times to bring his recipe to 7 Sisters Inn’s restaurant, but with little to no success.

Average prices (in US dollars):

  • Tickets: $ 10.00
  • Dishes: $ 15.00
  • Desserts: $ 6.50
  • Refill soda: $ 2.70

Best of Olive Garden: The Zuppa Toscana (sausage) soup and Pasta Shrimp Alfredo.

We hope you get the chance to visit at least on restaurant from this list. And if you do, please let us know what you thought about them.

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