Needing A Dentist While On Vacation

Chipped A Tooth While On Vacation In Florida?

A Couple Quick Hacks That Will Help You Make The Right Decisions

Make sure the dentist knows what they’re doing

Here in sunny Florida, there’s a huge market for tourist dentistry! All joking aside, is it possible to know whether the dentist you choose knows what they’re doing? Yes, to an extent. As a dentist in Merritt Island Florida that has seen quite a bit in this area, here’s some tips. If the office and/or examination room is unclean or disorganized you might want to reconsider. Ditto if you see any poor hygienic practices among staff. If the dentist tells you have 7 cavities that need to be filled, when you just had an examination and x-rays done before you left and they didn’t indicate anything, then he’s probably looking to make some money off you while unnecessarily putting holes in your teeth. You can get up and leave. You didn’t sign any legal document with this person and you’re not obligated to go through with poor, possibly dangerous, dental work.

Make sure it’s an emergency

If you are going to the dentist because of a dental emergency, make sure it’s actually, you know, an emergency. If you’re having a toothache, for example, rinse your mouth out with warm water, lightly floss, and take an anti-inflammatory painkiller like ibuprofen. You may have something caught between your teeth or you may just have a sensitive tooth. You can use this time to look up a dentist in the event that you need to go to one – don’t run out the door just yet. Of course, if the pain is unbearable or the problem is one that has persisted, you need to go see a dentist as soon as possible.

Hope this has helped!

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