If you’re coming to Orlando, here are some places that we recommend you visit:

1. iFly


There’s nothing too complicated about iFly. But if you’ve ever dreamed about flying, this is the right attraction for you. Once you arrive to iFly, you are greeted by friendly staff who give you a short lesson on flying. They’ll cover things such as, body position, hands, head etc. The instructor make you pretend that you’re actually flying to make sure that you understood the theory behind it. Once you’re ready, they’ll take you to the flying room!

2. Exotic Driving Experience


Exotic Driving experience is for car lovers! But even if you don’t care that much about cars – we highly suggest that you take the time to visit the Exotic Driving Experience. This is a chance for those who dream of driving a sports car like a Ferrari, Porsche, Audi or Lamborghini or even to simply be a passenger on this “radical” adventure.

3. Discovery Cove: stingrays, sharks and shoals


The park has no roller coasters or any other attractions. This isn’t that type of park where you need to get into a cart and tighten your belt to have fun. At Discovery Cove visitors can experience encounters with animals in a tropical oasis of 13,000 square meters. The park is a paradise full of lakes with rocky formations, natural landscape, coral reef, rivers, pools with waterfalls and white sand beaches.

4. Jurassic Park River Adventure


The area of ​​Jurassic Park at Universal, is another classic and it’s definitely one of “the places to visit” if you’re coming to Orlando. Initially, the boat ride is quiet. Visitors can see up close some giant dinosaurs made of animatronic puppets. But before long for everyone to be warned that some carnivorous species escaped from cages to the adventure begin. After almost seven minutes ride … Splash! The cart plummets 26 meters high after the encounter with the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex.

5. Pirates of The Caribbean


The attraction located in the Magic Kingdom, Disney charms for perfection of exposed animatronic puppets. The attraction, inspired by the series of Pirates of the Caribbean films takes tourists on a tour full of pirates and of course with the distinguished participation of Jack Sparrow. The show, which is accompanied by boats that go through a long lazy river, lasts eight minutes and has 125 robots.

6. Manta Roller Coaster


The roller coaster, better known as flying stingray, is at Sea World. The attraction is 43 meters high, a drop of 35 meters and reaches 90 km / h. Visitors sit in the stands, lower the safety latches and prepare to turn your stomach. Yes, the roller coaster goes all the way this way, complete with climbs, descents, loops, screws and a fall that ends in a wave of water, but not too wet visitors.